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Digiteen™ Project

The Digiteen™ Projectis a global hands-on project for middle and early high school students, (typically Grade 6-9, 11-15 year old) which was founded by Julie Lindsay (now in Australia) and Vicki Davis (Camilla, GA USA) in 2008. This project studies digital citizenship with students researching current topics, writing a collaborative report on a wiki, and performing and documenting offline action educational projects to promote effective digital citizenship at their local schools. The purpose of the project is to educate on and promote effective Digital Citizenship and responsible online choices as well as immersing students into an educational community for learning and collaborating.


NetGenEd™ Project

In this project, students will study and "mash up" the results of the Horizon Report from the New Media Consortium and Educause and Tapscott's bookGrown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World. Students will study the current research and create wiki-reports with their student partners around the world analyzing current trends and projecting future happenings based upon this collaborative analysis. This project is managed by the students who assume roles such as project manager, assistant project manager, and editors of the various wikis.


Eracism Project -

a global student debate that joins diverse cultures and includes authentic debate for global competence and international mindedness.

'A Week in the Life...' Project

A Flat Classroom®Project for students of age 8-10

K-2 'Building Bridges to Tomorrow' Project

7 Steps to Flattening the Classroom E-Book